Dynamic Rehab and Spine

Formerly Nova Pain and Rehabilitation

Now serving the Fredericksburg and Chantilly VA areas!!

The USA is in a health care industry crisis with sky rocketing costs, fewer providers and a new law for government controlled insurance. Big pharma, the AMA and the food industry have created a revolving door for sickness maintenance.  Today more than any other time in history, Americans are more sick, more overweight, more depressed and more dependent on the sickness industry.  Dynamic Rehab and Spine stands on the front line in opposition to sickness. By educating people and treating the patient rather than the disease we seek to honor each person’s innate ability to be well.  We do not prescribe medications.  We offer our patients information for the care of their diet, fitness, immune system function, and the prevention of disease.  We are privileged to have been called to serve this community, to help those without hope.   We bring to bear all our abilities in helping those who seek wellness. We will never quit, we will never fail.



The Dynamic Difference

Dynamic Rehab and Spine is different than any other clinic in or near the Fredericksburg or Chantilly surrounding areas,. Our clinics have partnered with Gold’s Gym. We provide over 70,000 sq ft of space allowing us to offer services such as Chiropractic, updatedSteveHPPhysical Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition programs and Massage Therapy. We also have over 20 Personal Trainers, Group Exercises classes, aquatics and our NEW Sports Performance Center featuring specialized training classes and 50 yards of indoor turf. 
Our staff features Director Dr. Stephen M. Erle (Fredericksburg & Chantilly Ofc.) “Doc” who is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Physio-Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, and Olympic Lifting Coach. Dr. Erle accepts appointments in the Fredericksburg and Chantilly locations.

Dr. Henry McCleary (Fredericksburg Ofc.). Dr. Mac is a Holistic Chiropractor DrMacABand Clinical Nutrition Lifestyle Coach with significant sports medicine and weight loss management coaching experience.  Dr. Mac aspires to be a helping hand for all those seeking to eliminate their pain and suffering with drug free non-surgical systems, so that they can avoid the dangerous side effects and dependency on drugs, and the inherent risks of surgical procedures.  Dynamic Rehab and Spine not only has Virginia’s best facilities...  we also have the very best staff.  We operate under the simple principle that the human body is designed to be active.   We treat and rehabilitate pain and move our patients along....  Our goal is to improve wellness to where we are no longer needed.  Dr. Mac accepts appointments at our Fredericksburg office




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